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Message from the President

Welcome join Erman big family!

Erman maybe not the first station in your career.But we believe that here in all probabily will become the last station of your career.Erman is a young lighting enterprice.But as the saying goes:¡±One might have learned the doctrine earlier than the other,or might be a master in his own special field.¡±We Erman Lighting is a professional LED commercial lighting manufacturer which as product¡¯s research and development,production and sales for the integration of enterprises.We constantly develop in the last 5 years,and gain a little achievements in the field of LED panel light.All these honors belong to all of the members who hardworking and enterprising in Erman,also belong to the family and friends who silenc support and care about them.

At last,give out two sentences to Erman family which are well-known.

¡°Assume the responsibility to grow,Disburse to excellence¡±!

¡°Create customer value,Implement employee¡¯s dream¡±!

Maybe you just join Erman today,and still do not share the happyness of the formaly achievement.But we believe that your disbursement and hardworking will prove your value in Erman.At the same time,we looking forward to the future,you are in the process of the development of Erman.

The onw who have ideal,have ambition,full of energy,welcome to join Erman family and let¡¯s struggle together!

General manager

Tom Zhang