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Yongding Gate South Square Light Design

Beijing ancient architecture is the most classic. The lighting design of modern ancient buildings is constantly increasing and improving. Yongding Mennan Square lighting design adds a new night lighting design to the central axis of Beijing, which is a beautiful starting point of the central axis.



The lighting design of Yongding Gate South Square must follow the guidelines for the lighting design of ancient buildings. Beijing's architectural history is used as the background for your design. The surrounding landscape lighting should also stand on the same front to pick up the elements closely related to Yongding Gate. Do not escape the integrity of the city, use lighting lighting design Yongding South Square to restore the intention. Lighting principle: The lighting design of the square is an extension of Yongding Gate, and the lighting must also be echoed by Yongding Gate; Inheriting cultural history under light depiction; From the atmosphere, the overall environment of the square echoes with each other.




With Yongding Gate Tower as the focus and control landscape, the paving is dominated by gray tones, and the layout of the square is axially symmetrical, guiding people's eyes to focus on Yongding Gate, highlighting the main scene of the tower and displaying the tower. Aesthetic historical value. The middle axis of the imperial road uses blue and white stone, continuous and infinite extension. The southernmost section uses Tingbu, which extends the royal road far away. It makes people feel that the encounter does not end, but infinitely leads to nature and the city.